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Mar 022015

Larry Edgar rules! We all know this. Peep this amazing photo in RideBMX mag of Larry getting in all sorts of crazy positions in this whip!

leRide 2014 12 Dec Larry Edgar

Feb 262015

We told you that Kris Fox was on a WILD Red Bull trip in New Zealand, right? Well check out these pics from the North Island of his adventurous trip. He’s now moved south the the South Island!

Photo 1. Capsizing our boat down the largest commercially rafted waterfall in Rotorua, NZ.

Photo 2. Whipping it out in @langersbmx backyard in Cambridge, NZ.

Photo 3. Accepting a peace offering during our introduction into the Rangitihi Marae in Rotorua, NZ.

All photos taken by @graememurraynz


Feb 252015

Thought Dblocks only had wheelie skills on the back wheel!?


Feb 242015
Kris Fox performs during the Red Bull Tip To Tail in Mount Maunganui,  NZ on February 17th, 2015

Kris Fox performs during the Red Bull Tip To Tail in Mount Maunganui, NZ on February 17th, 2015

Have you been wondering what Kris Fox has been up to!? Well, he’s been traveling all over New Zealand for the past couple weeks on the Red Bull NZ #tiptotail trip! He’s traveling with BMX shredders Mike Hucker and Corey Bohan. This photo is of Kris Fox bustin’ a one-footed grizz air is from Mount Maunganui, NZ. Keep tabs on @krisfoxbmx on Instagram for some NZ radness as it unfolds!

Feb 232015

Props to the SE Factory Squad! The SE Racing team kicked some major butt at the USA BMX Nationals in Phoenix, AZ this past weekend. Between the team riders, they scored (hold on to your hats) ELEVEN wins and TWENTY top 3 podium finishes! To say that the new team turned some heads would be a drastic understatement. They were the talk of the track. And throw in the return of Stu Thomsen and you will see that the team is really going to make some waves this year! #wemakeithappen

Feb 202015

Larry Edgar turned a lot of heads at the Texas Toast contest a few months ago. After it was all said and done, Larry finished a strong 5th in Dirt Finals in an over stacked field. Can’t deny this style!

leBMX Plus 2015 2 Feb  Larry Edgar

leBMX Plus 2015 2 Feb Larry Edgar

Stu Who!?

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Feb 192015

We just had some custom SE Racing jerseys printed up by Hot Shoppe Designs for a VERY special and legendary BMX racer who is returning to the SE Factory Squad after a long hiatus. He will be racing the USA BMX Nationals this weekend in Phoenix on a Floval Flyer. Any guesses as to who this rider may be? Stu Who!?


SE Bikes shredders Kris Fox and Larry Edgar were / are on a tear as of late. The content these guys have been producing is staggering. Peep more BMXPlus! magazine love for Kris and Larry!

klBMX Plus 2014 12 Dec Kris Fox

klBMX Plus 2014 12 Dec Larry Edgar (1)

klBMX Plus 2014 12 Dec Larry Edgar (2)

Dblocks Wildin'!

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Feb 172015

Dblocks is a MONSTER! Check him out wildin’ on the streets on some SE bikes!

Feb 162015

The November 2014 of RideBMX Mag saw this RAD write up of SE Bikes shredder Larry Edgar. 180 no hander over the spine 10 feet up?! No problem!

leeRide 2014 11 Nov Larry Edgar